Who Is Conservative StrikeForce?

Conservative StrikeForce is a federal political action committee (PAC) that operates under the strict guidelines of the Federal Election Commission.

Our Chairman is Dennis Whitfield.  Prior to joining Conservative StrikeForce, Mr. Whitfield served as the executive vice-president of the American Conservative Union from 2008-2011. Before ACU, he served as the senior vice president for the National Federation of Independent Business from 1998-2002. Prior to NFIB, Mr. Whitfield was the former deputy secretary of labor under President Ronald Reagan from 1985-1989. 

Conservative StrikeForce is advised on compliance matters by the leading authority on election law matters, E. Mark Braden of the law firm of Baker Hostetler.

Scott MacKenzie operates as an independent treasurer for Conservative StrikeForce as an outside consultant.  All monies are processed and handled by outside, independent processing firms under the direction of Mr. MacKenzie.

Conservative StrikeForce exists to provide assistance to conservative candidates across the country running primarily in federal races.  However, on occasion when federal and state law allows Conservative StrikeForce does support candidates running in state races such as Governor.

Conservative Strike Force relies on the voluntary contributions of conservatives across America.  The vast majority of StrikeForce’s contributions average less than $50.00 and are solicited through direct mail, the internet, telephones and our website.

The long term goal of Conservative StrikeForce is to build a nationwide donor file of 500,000 grassroots donors by the year 2016 to be able to impact the presidential and congressional campaigns.  In the short term, Conservative StrikeForce is focused on electing six conservative Senators in 2014 and removing Harry Reid as Majority Leader of the Senate.

StrikeForce assists our endorsed candidates in three ways. First, we make significant direct cash contributions to our endorsed candidate’s general election fund in October of the election year.  Second, we make independent expenditures on behalf of our endorsed candidates in the weeks prior to the general election.  Third, we encourage our supporters to get directly involved in our endorsed campaigns by directly contributing or volunteering to help in some grassroots capacity. 

Conservative StrikeForce provides an opportunity for conservative grassroots donors to collectively contribute to an organization so their dollars can be combined and used to benefit conservatives in campaigns of national concern.