2016 Endorsements

Conservative StrikeForce’s endorsed candidates are the tip of the spear in the fight against liberalism. They are in contentious races against determined opponents, fighting for strategically critical seats at all levels of government. 

But most importantly, they are real conservatives. StrikeForce only endorses candidates who will fight to cut taxes, cut spending, repeal Obamacare, and fight the liberal agenda at every turn. Each and every one of them has been vetted and tested, and found to be the real deal.

These conservative heroes need our support. Please read on for more information, and join us in spurring them on to victory!


Mia Love - UT-4

House of Representatives - Utah 4th (rep)

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Will Hurd - TX-23

House of Representatives - Texas 23rd (rep)

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Pat McDonough - MD-2

House of Representatives - MD 2nd (rep)

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Pat Toomey - Win!

US Senate - PA (senate)

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Richard Burr - Win!

US Senate - North Caroliina (senate)

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Mike Lee - Win!

US Senate - Utah (senate)

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Steve King - Win!

House of Representatives - Iowa 4th (rep)

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Jason Chaffetz - Win!

House of Representatives - Utah 3rd (rep)

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Rep. Joe Wilson - Win!

House of Representatives - South Carolina 2nd (rep)

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