We Have A Problem

May 18, 2016

The latest forecasts are projecting disastrously low Republican turnout in Mia Love’s home state of Utah this November. And, to make matters worse, the D.C. Republican establishment has announced that they will not be investing a single dollar in Mia’s race! Low voter turnout AND no Republican support?! This is a perfect storm, and Mia is adrift without lifeline! We must help out Mia Love and make sure she gets the turnout she needs to defeat her liberal challenger and hold onto this critical seat.

Mia’s campaign quietly announced a few days ago that they expect many Republican voters in Mia’s district to not even bother going to the polls this November, giving her liberal opponent Doug Owens a HUGE leg up in this race. Mia only won this seat by a few percentage points in 2014. She needs all the votes she can get.

But, right when she needs them the most, the D.C. Republican establishment has gone AWOL. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) recently announced that they’ve pulled out of Mia’s race altogether! We MUST rally grassroots conservative support to Mia Love right away. We must raise adequate funding to mobilize conservative voters in Mia’s district this fall and overcome the liberal feeding frenzy that’s about to unfold.

Mia Love’s campaign is terrified. They recently told Politico that they have crafted an emergency get-out-the-vote plan they call “Plan T,” which they hope will make up the difference. But now that the NRCC has bowed out, they desperately need OUR help to get enough conservatives to the polls when it counts.

They need the support that only Conservative StrikeForce can provide in the form of targeted online ads, volunteer phone banks, voter mail, and more. In the 2014 election cycle alone, we were able to spend over $200,000 in support of Mia Love and other conservative candidates across America.

And with your help, we can meet and surpass that astounding sum. Mia Love is a fearless conservative champion. She is the first black Republican woman ever elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.

As an outspoken black conservative woman, she strikes fear into the hearts of the leftists.

But if we don’t rally behind her right now, Nancy Pelosi and her liberal henchmen will almost certainly succeed in exploiting this year’s low turnout and kick her out of her critically important seat.

We need Mia in Washington fighting for the conservative ideals that have made our nation great.

Help us fight for conservative victory in 2016.



Dennis Whitfield
Chairman, Conservative StrikeForce PAC
Former Deputy Secretary of Labor Under Ronald Reagan (1985-1989)
Senior Vice-President, National Federation of Independent Business (1998-2002)
Executive Vice-President, American Conservative Union (2008-2011)