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Conservative StrikeForce PAC was created in 2009 by a small group of devoted conservatives who wanted a way to effectively support candidates by motivating like-minded voters at the grassroots level. Our goal at Conservative StrikeForce PAC is to organize, motivate and mobilize the conservative voters of America to help elect and support candidates who share our same goals and values.

The Chairman's Blog

One Conservative Fearful For America

November 10, 2016

I woke up this morning eager to read the news coverage of Tuesday’s election. It usually takes two days after a national election for the news organizations to collect enough information to give someone a clearer picture of what happened and why. At a time when American men and women in our armed forces are dying to protect our freedom, especially the right to vote in free elections, college students across America are protesting the outcome of the election and burning the American Flag. It is said they are traumatized over the outcome of the election, they need a place to cry and console each other, a safe zone. They decry any appearance of what they consider intolerance but are intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them. Free speech scares them, unless you agree with what they say.

Too many of our young people are all…

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The 2016 Presidential Election: Competence vs Corruption…How Will America Vote?

November 07, 2016

Election Day is tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8th. The big question I have is will millions of conservatives stay home or not vote in the Presidential election because they are not fully excited about Donald Trump? As I have said before, Donald Trump was not my first choice as the Republican nominee for President in this election. I am a Christian first, an American second, a conservative and a Republican. Once Donald Trump became the Republican nominee, he became my nominee and my candidate.

His economic plan makes sense, especially for small business, which is drowning in regulation and suffers from an anti-job growth tax system. Trump is committed to lowering taxes on small business and middle income families.

He is not afraid to call a terrorist a terrorist.

He has pledged to abolish Obamacare and replace it with an approach which…

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We Have A Problem

May 18, 2016

The latest forecasts are projecting disastrously low Republican turnout in Mia Love’s home state of Utah this November. And, to make matters worse, the D.C. Republican establishment has announced that they will not be investing a single dollar in Mia’s race! Low voter turnout AND no Republican support?! This is a perfect storm, and Mia is adrift without lifeline! We must help out Mia Love and make sure she gets the turnout she needs to defeat her liberal challenger and hold onto this critical seat.

Mia’s campaign quietly announced a few days ago that they expect many Republican voters in Mia’s district to not even bother going to the polls this November, giving her liberal opponent Doug Owens a HUGE leg up in this race. Mia only won this seat by a few percentage points in 2014. She needs all the votes she can get.

But, right when she…

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