Republicans Flood the Zone in Louisiana Senate Runoff

November 14, 2016

National Republicans are flooding support to Louisiana Senate candidate John Kennedy to smother any chance that Democrat Foster Campbell can pull off what would be a stunning upset in their Dec. 10 runoff.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is opening 10 offices across the state to aid Kennedy's election, the Advocate reported.  In 2014, Republicans came out in masses to help Sen. Bill Cassidy defeat Democratic incumbent, Sen. Mary Landrieu. Campbell said he has received calls from Republican senators offering their help.

Kennedy won the Nov. 8 primary with 27 percent of the vote and Campbell finished second in the 24-candidate field with 17 percent. But nearly 60 percent of the voters in the primary voted for a Republican candidate compared to 36 percent voted for a Democrat.

Cassidy and retiring Sen. David Vitter endorsed Kennedy last week, a USA Today local affiliate reported. Campbell’s campaign is trying to use Vitter and his 56 percent disapproval rating against Kennedy, calling Vitter “a morally bankrupt U.S. Senator who could barely pass a bill during his time in the Senate.”

Campbell's campaign said it’s receiving offers of support to their campaign. And state Democrats say they're “building the team,” according to Stephen Handwerk, Louisiana Democratic Party’s executive director, but he added, “We haven’t finalized any plans yet.”

And Campbell is trying to mend fences with Democrat Caroline Fayard, who finished fourth in the jungle primary.

“We will meet to discuss the next steps soon,” Campbell said through a spokeswoman Thursday. Fayard confirmed the conversation and planned meeting in a text to the Advocate, but added she didn’t have anything else to say for now.

Kennedy and Campbell have agreed to a debate on Dec. 2 on Nexstar/WVLA in Baton Rouge whole two other possible faceoffs are being negotiated.

Source: by Christina Flom