Mia Love - UT-4

House of Representatives - Utah 4th (rep)

Mia Love is a history-making conservative hero with a bright future. The first female Republican ever elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, Mia Love is the face of a new generation of minorities who are rejecting the empty promises of big government and are fighting instead for liberty and limited government. Mia is facing an uphill battle for reelection this year, as she squares off once again against Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked candidate, Doug Owens, who Mia defeated by only a few votes in 2012. StrikeForce is proud to have donated the legal maximum to Mia’s campaign in 2012, as well as thousands more in independents expenditures to elect her to Congress. This year, she needs the support of grassroots patriots all across the country to hold onto her seat and continue fighting for our conservative values. 


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