One Conservative Fearful For America

November 10, 2016

I woke up this morning eager to read the news coverage of Tuesday’s election. It usually takes two days after a national election for the news organizations to collect enough information to give someone a clearer picture of what happened and why. At a time when American men and women in our armed forces are dying to protect our freedom, especially the right to vote in free elections, college students across America are protesting the outcome of the election and burning the American Flag. It is said they are traumatized over the outcome of the election, they need a place to cry and console each other, a safe zone. They decry any appearance of what they consider intolerance but are intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them. Free speech scares them, unless you agree with what they say.

Too many of our young people are all too ready to use the protection of free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment to stomp on and burn the American Flag, but God forbid if anyone criticizes their views and actions.

I am truly fearful for our future if these “snowflakes” are so delicate and insecure they are incapable of handling disappointment and failure without resorting to civil unrest and gathering in safe zones to hug and cry.

Is their reaction to an election outcome they do not like an indication of how in the years to come they will react to real security and economic threats? Can their parents really be proud of what their children are becoming? Can babyboomers have any real hope we can count on them to stand firm against, foes, foreign and domestic who would do us serious harm in the years to come?

Who is to blame for the onset of the “snowflake” generation?  Their parents should take a hard look in the mirror and university administrations should be indicted for academic malfeasance.

These “snowflakes” need to grow up and accept the fact that sometimes life is not fair.  They will not always have their parents or sympathetic college professors to shield them from disappointment. 

These “snowflakes” need to get on their knees and give thanks there are still young men and women willing to serve our country, and die if necessary to protect their right to act like nitwits.

For America,

Dennis E. Whitfield
Chairman, Conservative StrikeForce
Deputy Secretary of Labor for President Ronald Reagan (1985-1989)