Nancy Pelosi Is Gunning For Mia Love

February 22, 2016

Nancy Pelosi can’t afford to let black conservative Congresswoman Mia Love win again. Pelosi thinks black Americans are supposed to follow Democrats, not stand up to them. But Mia Love leads, so she has to go. In 2016, she is one of Nancy Pelosi’s top targets. Doug Owens, Pelosi’s hand-picked man in Utah, lost to Mia by just a few votes in 2014, and he’s challenging her again. He already has outside money pouring in to crush Mia. In fact, on the most recent fundraising report, Mia was already an underdog in the fundraising race!

Mia Love is fighting for reform in Washington. She is the sponsor of a bill that will force Congress to simplify bills to one subject at a time, so people can understand the laws they follow. This would absolutely gut the establishment’s power. Remember, Nancy Pelosi herself wanted to “pass Obamacare to find out what’s in it.”

That’s why they have targeted Mia for destruction, and why we must come to her aid while there’s still time. Doug Owens will bring in liberal money from rich liberal donors all over the country to fool Utah. He thinks he can buy his way in this time.

He’ll invest it in vicious attack ads, an aggressive ground game, and a state-of-the-art campaign infrastructure. Remember, Mia Love only won this seat by three points in 2014. If she has any chance of holding off the smears and attacks from Nancy Pelosi’s allies.

With your help Conservative StrikeForce contributed $5,000 directly to Mia in 2014 and make more than $17,000 in independent expenditures defending her from the vicious attacks of Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies. This year, we must redouble that support.

Nancy Pelosi desperately wants to knock out Mia Love, because she hopes you’ve forgotten what her policies have done to you. Tight races like Mia’s are her best bet to claw her way back to power. Nancy Pelosi will pour millions of dollars into this race to support Doug Owens. She will bombard Mia’s district with ad after ad.

If Pelosi’s man can win in Utah, the Democrats will succeed in sending the message that swing district voters have forgotten the awful laws that hurt working Americans.

We have to act to show them conservatives haven’t forgotten. Mia needs to rebuild her grassroots effort to pull in the votes from 2014, and she needs help to equip them. Rural districts are much harder to cover without resources. Every vote counts, so we need your help to push Mia to victory.

Liberals like Doug Owens must know that we will support Mia Love as she rolls back the Obama agenda, from Obamacare on down. Don’t give Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi the last laugh by letting them tear down this rising star. They want Mia Love gone, and you are the only thing that will stop them.

Pelosi thinks conservatives have fallen asleep. Show her that you are wide awake and standing with Mia Love. Conservative StrikeForce must let Mia Love finish what she started. We must stand with her in fixing Washington, D.C..

We want to do more for Mia this year. Thank you in advance for all your help.

For Freedom,

Dennis Whitfield
Chairman, Conservative StrikeForce PAC
Former Deputy Secretary of Labor Under Ronald Reagan (1985-1989)
Senior Vice-President, National Federation of Independent Business (1998-2002)
Executive Vice-President, American Conservative Union (2008-2011)