Don’t Let Barack Obama Force A Liberal Onto The Supreme Court

February 19, 2016

The recent tragic death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has triggered a Constitutional crisis. Barack Obama is intent on replacing the greatest conservative voice of our lifetime with a fire-breathing liberal. And if we don’t keep the pressure on, the Republicans in Washington very well may cave and let it happen! Now, the Constitution gives the president the power to select Supreme Court justices when vacancies open. Thankfully, they also give the Senate the power to approve or deny those nominations. Unfortunately, though, the Republicans in Congress have signaled that they may not commit to fighting Obama’s nomination. Continue Reading

Only A Few Days Left To Help A Republican In Need

November 17, 2015

This is a crisis.  Senator David Vitter is running several points behind in his race for Governor of Louisiana, and he needs our help.  The election is this Saturday, so now is the time to get involved.  I just authorized a contribution of $2,500 directly to Senator Vitter’s campaign. Your support helped make that happen, and for that I thank you.  But we can’t stop there. Not with this race so nail-bitingly close. We must raise additional funds to invest in an aggressive, last-ditch get-out-the-vote campaign in the critical swing districts of Louisiana.  Senator Vitter needs us.… Continue Reading

The Most Important Race In America - David Vitter

October 28, 2015

David Vitter needs our help in Louisiana. He has only a few weeks left before the general election for governor, and he’s running neck-and-neck with a left-wing liberal! Please help us come to David Vitter’s aid while there’s still time to win this race. Here’s the situation. Senator Vitter just advanced from Louisiana’s “jungle primary” into a one-on-one runoff election. He has less than one month to consolidate Republican support and get out the votes to defeat his liberal opponent. Unfortunately, this primary campaign was nasty. Senator Vitter weathered some vicious attacks that could hurt his chances of keeping Louisiana… Continue Reading

This Iran Deal Is A Disaster

July 16, 2015

Barack Obama’s Iran deal must be defeated. It’s as simple as that. This president walked into a meeting with the world’s most radical and dangerous regime and effectively handed them the keys to a nuclear arsenal. And our last chance to stop them is to pressure the U.S. Senate to shoot this deal down. We must ratchet up the heat on the Senate and make them reject this rotten deal. This deal is all “trust” and no “verify.” It relies on the honor system to reduce Iran’s nuclear material. It provides no means for inspections by the United States. It lifts economic sanctions on… Continue Reading

How Much Is Your 2016 Vote Worth?

July 06, 2015

You may not know it, but right this moment, left-wing billionaires are pouring money into an effort to cancel out your vote in the 2016 election and hand the White House to Hillary Clinton. George Soros has already invested $5 million into this nationwide scheme, and there’s plenty more where that came from. If we don’t fight back, the liberals are going to flood the electorate with new and illegal liberal voters. Conservatives won’t stand a chance. In fact, if this scheme is allowed to succeed, we may never win another major election again! Here’s how George Soros’ diabolical… Continue Reading

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT): How We Taxpayers Subsidize Risky Life Style Choices

June 29, 2015

A few days ago I discovered I was out of paper towels at the house so ran up to the local Dollar General Store to get some. I was in a hurry and not paying a lot of attention to what was going on in line in front of me until I heard the customer express frustration over not being able to get the reader to accept her EBT pin number. She finally succeeded in getting the machine to accept the pin number and I noticed what she was buying with our tax dollars: soda, potato chips and… Continue Reading

George Soros Wants To Cancel Out Your Vote

June 23, 2015

Billionaire left-wing activist George Soros has already invested $5 million into an effort to cancel out your vote in 2016 and steal the election for Hillary Clinton. It’s all part of a massive, nationwide voter fraud scheme that the Democrats are executing before our very eyes. Conservative StrikeForce is fighting tooth and nail to raise awareness about this critical issue and hold the line against this attack on our electoral system. Here’s how this insidious scheme works. Hillary Clinton has called for universal, automatic voter registration for every American over the age of 18.  George Soros… Continue Reading

Hillary Wants To Steal The 2016 Election

June 10, 2015

A few days ago, Hillary Clinton called for universal voter registration for all American adults, as well as federal oversight of election law in all 50 states. True to form, this left-wing radical is trying to perpetrate the largest voter fraud scheme in history and lock up the election for herself right in front of our eyes and we can’t let her get away with it! I know that Hillary Clinton isn’t exactly the picture of integrity. But now that she’s running for President, she has really outdone herself. Under her proposed universal registration system, tens of millions of voters would… Continue Reading

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