Chairman’s Blog 4/4/2012

April 04, 2012

Not many have the gall to take two separate positions on the same issue within hours before the U. S. Supreme Court. But that is just what the Obama administration did on the “ObamaCare” hearings before the High Court this past Monday. If Americans do not purchase government approved health care as mandated by the legislation under review by the court, they will have to pay a penalty to the government. But wait, arguing further the government’s right to force Americans to purchase a particular product using a broader tax mandate, the Obama Administration then argued it is not… Continue Reading

Is it Possible

October 14, 2011

Answer: Small Business Question: What is the engine for economic growth and job creation in America? Conclusion: President Obama and his crowd just do not get it. I have been involved in local, state and national politics and business for over forty years. I have NEVER seen a national political leader so out of touch with economic reality as is Barack Obama. He is either so determined to destroy the foundations of this country and knows very well the potential devastation his policies will reap or so uninformed of… Continue Reading

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