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Conservative StrikeForce PAC was created in 2009 by a small group of devoted conservatives who wanted a way to effectively support candidates by motivating like-minded voters at the grassroots level. Our goal at Conservative StrikeForce PAC is to organize, motivate and mobilize the conservative voters of America to help elect and support candidates who share our same goals and values.

The Chairman's Blog

Conservative StrikeForce Update (3/16/2015)

March 16, 2015

There’s a great deal going on that you need to know about.

At the presidential level, Hillary Clinton is being pummeled for her crooked attempt to keep her emails secret from the American people.

However, Hillary is also preparing to officially kick off her campaign. A recent news report says that she’s about to sign a lease for office space in super-left wing Brooklyn, New York. Additionally, she’s planning on paying her staffers so little that she’s asking supporters in New York to allow her campaign team to live with them for free! We MUST beat this woman next year. Here is the story on her office.

In Nevada, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is facing a very, very tough race for reelection. He’s currently running even with two different Republicans who may challenge him for his Senate seat. Getting rid of Harry Reid must be at the top of the conservative movement’s “to do list” for 2016. Here’s more about those polls.

Finally, here at Conservative StrikeForce we are busily planning for 2016.

We need to launch the largest grassroots voter education and turn out effort in our history. But we need to get going today.

Please do whatever you can.

In the meantime, thank you for all you do!

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One More To Go (12/2/2014)

December 02, 2014

This Saturday, December 6th, voters will go to the polls one more time in Louisiana to elect a U.S. Senator. GOP Congressman, Bill Cassidy is facing off against longtime liberal Senator Mary Landrieu in what has been a long, tough and very expensive race.  This is a chance to say to President Obama that the message the American people sent to him, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi is for real.  We have had enough of the President’s “my way or the highway” approach to governing our country.

The damage done to America by this President, aided and abetted by Harry Reid and the Democratic U.S. Senate will be with us for years to come.  Fortunately, come January of next year, we will have a Republican U.S. Senate, but we desperately need Bill Cassidy to increase our numbers and add strength to the effort to stop President Obama and his “govern by executive order” strategy.

It does not matter which state you live in, whoever wins this election on Saturday will vote for or against a stronger defense; for or against higher taxes; for or against more entitlement spending; for or against better immigration control; for or against voter identification; for or against liberal nominees for the United States Supreme Court.

You may not live in Louisiana and able to vote for Bill Cassidy.  But you can help elect him and send another good conservative to the U.S. Senate. Someone we can count on to help build the firewall to stop President Obama’s “executive order blitz.”

Click on this link  and send Bill Cassidy a contribution for the final get-out-the-vote push.  And tell him your friends at the Conservative StrikeForce Pac asked you to do so.  Bill will thank you, we will thank you and most importantly America will thank you.

God bless.

For Freedom,

Dennis Whitfield
Chairman, Conservative StrikeForce PAC
Former Deputy Secretary of Labor Under Ronald Reagan (1985-1989)
Senior Vice-President, National Federation of Independent Business (1998-2002)
Executive Vice-President, American Conservative Union (2008-2011)

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Trey Gowdy Rocks House with Rousing Speech

November 18, 2014

I hope you'll take a moment to watch this impassioned speech from Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina excoriating Barack Obama for his lawlessness on Obamacare, amnesty, and other policies. We need more of this kind of energy in Congress. No wonder Rep. Gowdy got a standing ovation!


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