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Conservative StrikeForce PAC was created in 2009 by a small group of devoted conservatives who wanted a way to effectively support candidates by motivating like-minded voters at the grassroots level. Our goal at Conservative StrikeForce PAC is to organize, motivate and mobilize the conservative voters of America to help elect and support candidates who share our same goals and values.

The Chairman's Blog

We Have A Problem

May 18, 2016

The latest forecasts are projecting disastrously low Republican turnout in Mia Love’s home state of Utah this November. And, to make matters worse, the D.C. Republican establishment has announced that they will not be investing a single dollar in Mia’s race! Low voter turnout AND no Republican support?! This is a perfect storm, and Mia is adrift without lifeline! We must help out Mia Love and make sure she gets the turnout she needs to defeat her liberal challenger and hold onto this critical seat.

Mia’s campaign quietly announced a few days ago that they expect many Republican voters in Mia’s district to not even bother going to the polls this November, giving her liberal opponent Doug Owens a HUGE leg up in this race. Mia only won this seat by a few percentage points in 2014. She needs all the votes she can get.

But, right when she…

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Crush Hillary Clinton

May 05, 2016

The people have spoken. Donald Trump is our nominee. To be honest, Trump was not my first choice, but I cannot let Hillary Clinton anywhere near the White House. It is now Trump or Hillary. So, starting today, Conservative StrikeForce is committing everything we can to defeat Hillary Clinton. The simple fact of the matter is that Hillary Clinton is the most dishonest person to ever seek the Presidency.

Her liberal fantasies about the size and scope of government would destroy our country, and even worse… her election would mean a permanent drift to the left for decades because of her appointments to the Supreme Court.

Hillary will have every resource imaginable at her disposal in this campaign. She will lie, cheat, and steal her way to the White House if you and I let her.

Donald Trump and our other conservative candidates will need all…

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The Battle Is Over…Now Let’s Win The War!

May 04, 2016

The 2016 campaign for President has been unlike anything I have ever seen in over forty years in politics. We started with seventeen candidates for President, either of whom would make a much better President than Hillary Clinton. Now we are down to just one. We need to focus our energy and resources on defeating Hillary Clinton.

To be honest, Donald Trump was not my first choice for President. But he is poised to be the Republican nominee. It is time now to rally behind him and prepare for the bruising campaign Hillary Clinton and the liberals are certain to unleash on us. We know how the Clintons operate. They will say anything and do anything to come out on top in November. It is all about power to them. To say they are not known to be truthful is an understatement. They go for the throat and…

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