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Conservative StrikeForce PAC was created in 2009 by a small group of devoted conservatives who wanted a way to effectively support candidates by motivating like-minded voters at the grassroots level. Our goal at Conservative StrikeForce PAC is to organize, motivate and mobilize the conservative voters of America to help elect and support candidates who share our same goals and values.

The Chairman's Blog

Who Will Protect Your Vote November 4th? (10/22/2014)

October 22, 2014

Two weeks from yesterday votes will be cast and counted all across America that will determine if we will cast aside the frontal and flank assault by President Obama and his allies in the U. S. Senate on our basic freedoms guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution. In fact, millions of Americans have already voted as thirty states now have early voting either in person or through absentee balloting. And some states require their citizens to vote only by mail. So how safe is your vote these days?

Not very.

One man one vote. That was the premise our founding fathers set forth for electing our national leaders. But much has been written and said lately about the need for a way to assure that whomever shows up to vote or requests an absentee ballot or receives a mail in ballot is not only who they claim to be, but are legally eligible to register to vote and in fact are registered.

I believe everyone eligible to register to vote should register and then vote. In fact, maybe one of the good things our government could do is to require all Americans once they reach the age of 18 to register to vote and receive a photo voter id card when they register.

But our government should then make every effort to protect the vote of those legally registered and take the time to vote. Voter fraud exists. I have seen it myself. And those who orchestrate it, condone it and turn a blind eye to voter fraud are as guilty of undermining our political system as those who actually cheat at the ballot box.

And when the media refuse to expose voter fraud, they abandon one of their fundamental rights and obligations, to protect free speech of all Americans.

Every state should pass voter id legislation that mirrors that passed in Indiana and upheld by the U. S. Supreme Court. I have every right to know the person in front of me and behind me in the voting line is eligible to register to vote, is registered to vote and is who he or she claims to be. Americans deserve to know our elections are fair and clean. Otherwise, confidence in our political system will erode further than it already has.  

President Obama and his (former) Attorney General, Eric Holder, claim requiring everyone to have a photo id in order to vote puts an unnecessary burden on minority voters and has the result of suppressing the vote.

Let’s be honest.

You need a photo id to buy a pack of cigarettes, buy beer, board a plane, cash a check, get in a book store to see Michelle Obama sign books, and to operate a vehicle. In fact, back in the summer written guidance handed out to demonstrators gathering in Charlotte, N. C. to march against requiring a photo id to vote told everyone to bring a photo id. Earlier this year, the City of Washington, D. C. set aside a day for just the city’s residents to view the new Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial. And, you guessed it, they were required to show a photo id.

Voter fraud is real. Stealing votes does occur. Buying votes is not a thing of the past.

Members of the main stream media and even some historians make light of how Lyndon Johnson stole the election in his first race for the U. S. Senate in Texas and how John F. Kennedy and Chicago Mayor Daley stole Illinois for Kennedy in the 1960 Presidential election. Kennedy won the 1960 Presidential election by less than one vote per precinct nationwide. Johnson became President when President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. And then we got the “Great Society” and the “war on poverty ” which started this country on a steep economic decline and spawned generations of Americans totally dependent upon one government program or another.

Honest elections are the cornerstone of our democracy. So why isn’t our government doing everything possible to ensure our elections are honest and clean? Obama and the far left believe it is better for more people to vote than for more legally eligible people to vote.

Please vote this November 4th and do not hesitate to report what looks like voter fraud and intimidation at the polling place. Be the first to protect your vote. Many who would corrupt the voting process count on the average American not speaking up when they see something out of order. 


For Freedom,

Dennis Whitfield
Chairman, Conservative StrikeForce PAC
Former Deputy Secretary of Labor Under Ronald Reagan (1985-1989)
Senior Vice-President, National Federation of Independent Business (1998-2002)
Executive Vice-President, American Conservative Union (2008-2011)

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Let’s Hope It Is Not Too Late (9/10/2014)

September 10, 2014

We are now past Labor Day and the political season that has been bubbling and gurgling below the surface is now in full view. Perhaps the biggest impact on this year’s mid-term elections will be the President and administration and the way the electorate views their job performance and character. Some of the President’s strongest supporters are now backing away. Democrats running for re-election in red or swing states will no longer be caught in the same town when the President comes calling. And with good reason.

President Obama and his Attorney General have now supplanted Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as the kings of racial divide.

The President calls a press conference where he announces he has no strategy to defeat Islamic extremists committed to eradicating any faith but Islam and establishing Sharia Law throughout the Middle East, who openly beheads American citizens, executes captured Iraqi troops by the hundreds and brutally murders and rapes civilians by the thousands.

He then declares our goal is to destroy ISIS and, minutes later, modifies his stance when he said our goal is to bring ISIS to a manageable level. What is a manageable level? Is it for ISIS to agree to reduce their murder rate by ten percent? Or rape only on Wednesdays? Or keep what territory they have over- run but not take anymore?

The President is a disaster. Under his leadership, or rather lack of it, America looks foolish, inept, confused, and weak to what few friends we still have around the world and to an increasing number of enemies. He has made a mess of Syria, chastised and ridiculed Israel, turned worse than weak in the knees with Vladimir Putin leaving the Ukraine to wonder if we are truly the life-line we promised them we would be.

On the home front, Obamacare is turning out to be as bad for Americans as predicted. Less choice, higher costs, and lower levels of coverage.

Our border to the South is over-run with illegal immigrants storming the border states.

Economic growth is anemic.

Job creation a fraction of what it should be.

The true unemployment rate is well over 12%.

The percentage of Americans in the work force today is lower than at any time in our history.

The families of those Americans murdered at our Consulate in Benghazi have yet to be told the truth about what really happened, why and who is responsible for leaving their loved ones in such a vulnerable position then did nothing to try and rescue them when all hell broke loose.

There is overwhelming evidence that senior IRS officials did, with malice and forethought, set out to target conservative groups seeking tax exempt status and then lie about it to Congress.

The U. S. Justice Department is still covering up the facts of their role in the disastrous gun-running, Fast and Furious, escapade that left a U.S. border guard murdered by Mexican cartel gunmen.

The President and his Attorney General, boldly and without reservation, declared they would not defend the Defense of Marriage Act, duly passed by the Congress and signed into law, because they did not agree with it. This is not the only time the president has thrown the Constitution out the window. He took an oath as he was sworn in as President to protect and defend the Constitution and enforce the law of the land, not just those laws he and the Attorney General agree with.

It is time to end this long running nightmare. We can start by getting off our duffs and mobilize our families, friends and neighbors to stand up for America and elect enough, six to be exact, conservative U. S. Senators and take control of the U.S. Senate.

Over 70% of Americans say the country is on the wrong track. We have to change directions.

Since the mid 1700s, American men and women, true patriots, have given their lives to establish and maintain our basic freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Liberty and the willingness to do whatever it takes to preserve it for future generations will be our generation’s legacy. Today we must carry on that fight here at home against this President who will stop at nothing to expand the Federal Government’s intrusion into our daily lives. And at the same time we have no choice but to defeat those abroad who would destroy our way of life.

We are in a fight to the death with Islamic fundamentalists, terrorists, who would destroy our way of life. It will be a long fight and more blood will be spilled before we defeat this barbaric threat. It will take courageous young men and women willing to stand up for the rest of us for years to come in order that we ultimately win the day and preserve the country our Founding Fathers left to us.

I am including this short video produced by a grocery store chain in the South. I do not normally attach e-mails or videos I receive, but this is worth seeing and illustrative of the strength of our nation and why we will ultimately prevail.

Many of us may be a too little long in the tooth to don a uniform and go off to foreign shores to meet the challenges our country faces today, but there are other things we can do. Will you join the fight today? Will you support our young men and women in uniform by helping to elect good, strong conservatives to Congress? Men and women who will defend the Constitution, and who will stand up to the President and say, “enough already, we want our country back.”


For Freedom,

Dennis Whitfield
Chairman, Conservative StrikeForce PAC
Former Deputy Secretary of Labor Under Ronald Reagan (1985-1989)
Senior Vice-President, National Federation of Independent Business (1998-2002)
Executive Vice-President, American Conservative Union (2008-2011)

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Weekly Roundup (7/7/2014)

July 07, 2014

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Here at Conservative StrikeForce PAC we hope you had a great Independence Day. God Bless America!

Now, here is this week’s report on political happenings around the country.

Rasmussen Reports is out with a new poll on Americans’ perceptions on the direction of the country. It’s not pretty. Two-thirds of voters believe the country is on the wrong track while only 26 percent believe things are going ok. That means even a lot of die-hard Democrats are souring on Barack Obama’s policies. Here’s more on the poll.

Speaking of polls, a new one in Colorado now has liberal Democrat Governor John Hichenlooper in a dead heat with his Republican opponent. Things have been trending our way in the Senate race in Colorado. Now, conservative Bob Beauprez is making his move in the race for governor. Here are the details.

That’s this week’s report. More news next week!

For Freedom,

Dennis Whitfield
Chairman, Conservative StrikeForce PAC
Former Deputy Secretary of Labor Under Ronald Reagan (1985-1989)
Senior Vice-President, National Federation of Independent Business (1998-2002)
Executive Vice-President, American Conservative Union (2008-2011)

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